Arbtr is a radically minimalist culture sharing community. Share one thing at a time. Make little data, not big data.


invite an ARBITER

You know those friends who always know what's good: what to listen to, what to read, what to see, where to eat? Invite them to be your arbiters.

get their Best

Each arbiter you invite can only share one thing at a time, so it'll be amazing. It's the ONE thing they think you should know about right now, their cultural crush of the moment.


share your own

As you trawl the internet, post your top finds to Arbtr to give them the status they deserve. Each post replaces the previous one. Rarity makes your posts more like treasures, and less like spam.


It's About the Company You Keep

The best content filter is the company you keep. But on social media, this content filter has been blown to pieces. Our connections aren't curators, they're just people we know. We need a fresh start if we want a real curation platform. That fresh start is Arbtr. It's where you assemble your dream team of curators.

Think of the people you invite as your taste squad. They're limited to one selection at a time, which creates a mood that highlights the quality of their curation work, and reduces the amount of stuff you have to trawl through to get to the best.


Single share, triple function...


1. Only being able to share one thing at a time puts the onus of filtration on the sharer, encouraging ruthless self-editing. After all, curation is the art of elimination. This is the key to Arbiter's incomparably clean and uncluttered user experience (avoiding nasty things like feed accumulation).

2. It gives considered shares the weight they deserve by keeping them at the forefront of followers' screens.

3. It creates rarity. Your finds appear to others as the treasures they are, rather than as noise in a feed.


Our dream is a world where everyone only uses one spot in a database. Just think of how much energy we would save, and how IMPOSSIBLE it would be to track our behaviour. Our goal is to build a system where every time you share something, it DELETES your previous share. Arbtr is a platform for little data—your single share.


For people who pride themselves on their good finds, sharing into a stream of irrelevance and oversharing is not at all motivating. Arbtr makes curators feel appreciated. Just being invited onto the platform shows that someone appreciates your curation work. Curators  also get real-time info about who's consuming their finds. They can finally see who's on their wavelength and appreciating their taste.