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Arbtr is a radically minimalist culture sharing community. Share one thing at a time. Make little data, not big data.


Invite an Arbtr

You know those friends who always know what's good: what to listen to, what to read, what to see, where to eat? Invite them to be your arbiters.


Get their best

Each arbiter you invite can only share one thing at a time, so it'll be amazing. It's the one thing they think you should know about right now.


Share your own

Post your top finds to give them the status they deserve. Each post replaces your previous one. Rarity makes your posts more like treasures, and less like spam.


Human Curation

The best content filter is the company you keep. But on social media, this content filter has been blown to pieces. Our connections aren't curators, they're just people we know. We need to reboot if we want a real curation platform.